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Public relations is the representation and maintenance of a positive public image by a person or company. In our case, we represent celebrities, athletes, musicians, corporate clients, etc. We don’t just maintain a positive image for our clients, we maintain a lasting, positive MPression on the public. Our PR services MPress.

How Can We Help

Just like us and our clients, our services are diverse. We move beyond the traditional and craft public relations campaigns that span all realms of marketing and brand building.

  • Social Media: At Mpress PR, we consult our clients on the importance of having an online presence on a variety of social media platforms. We create campaigns, strategies, creative posts and hashtags. We give our clients a voice and brand image.
  • Digital Services: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website design and development, user experience consultations, etc. Our technology team expertly handles the many different digital needs for our clients
  • Crisis Management: We help our clients handle any crisis they encounter because we anticipate a crisis before it happens. We can fully prepare to turn a crisis into a positive Mpression for each of our clients. At MPress PR, we prepare our clients for potential crisis and effectively address the issue in a professional manner.
  • Marketing: With Mpress, marketing is storytelling. Through our creative content, we tell stories that leave a lasting Mpression. This content is uniquely and creatively customized for each individual client and the services they need. Through social media, case studies, website development, etc, we create creative campaigns that are Mpressive for brands and our clients.

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