Where We Excel

Mpress PR has proven results among our client's top industries. We love working in high-profile industries, gaining results and building lasting relationships along the way. Our services in the following industries include:
  • Crisis Management & Communication
  • Strategy
  • Consultancy
  • Brand Image
  • Event Management
  • Media Relations
  • Media Training
  • Presentation Training
  • Social Media


From actors and musicians to models and trendsetters, we help those in the spotlight make the right Mpression. The spotlight can be difficult to handle and at Mpress PR, we manage publicity for our celebrity clients through the services we offer. We help our client have a favorable image and Mpression on the world. Celebrities deal with gossip from the paparazzi, negative press, but our expertise and services help create a favorable image and press they deserve.


We are proud to offer knowledge and expertise for current and former retired athletes. When working with athletes we know that our years of experience on the court has helped us to be the best off the court. We help maintain a quality public image and Mpression each of our sports clients has on the world. Athletes are some of the most famous, targeted people in the world. We help maintain the image of athletes and sports coaches though the services we offer. We work with professional athletes , retired athletes , college athletes and professional coaches


The team at Mpress PR knows that a good marketing and public relations campaign is crucial to success of a business and it's brand. We use our professional expertise in social media management, traditional and digital ad campaigns, consultancy, and strategy to facilitate the building and managing of relationships that build a dedicated audience base. We strive to build brand loyalty and keep your audience coming back for more.


Introducing our new hospitality consulting services. Our goal is to create a lasting relationship with clients in the bar and restaurant industry by offering consulting services to maximize profits, providing a better understanding of costs, guests, and marketing. With our consulting services, we will go over
• The culture of the business/ Business goals
• Ease of access to business, area, traffic, parking.
• Current demographic/ desired demographic
• Menu offerings and proposed value to the guest
• inventory control
• POS system
• Atmosphere
• Staff analysis
• Vendor relationships
• Cleanliness
• Current Marketing

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