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Influencer Marketing

Whether you're a brand seeking to reach your target market online or an influencer seeking to monetise your following, MPress will find a strategy that guarantees results.

Public Relations

At Mpress, maintaining a positive public image and brand for our clients is our top priority. We are result-driven with our public relation services and strive to build our reputation and yours on success.


Marketing and advertising are our powerhouses. We aim to increase the value of your brand through our strategic marketing services.

Social Media Management

With our social media management services we assist with maintaining your positive image and brand through well-researched and blended social media campaigns to reach and delight your desired audience.

Digital Services

From website development to SEO and user experience consultations, we offer numerous digital services to suite your individual needs.

Crisis Management

Negativity happens to all of us and at Mpress, we take a caring approach to handle impactful situations where a little extra help is needed.
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About Us

We Are Impactful, We Are Diverse, We Are Mpress.

We are a full-service, creatively driven, Public Relations firm residing in Los Angeles and Seattle. We offer an array of services from digital marketing and social media, to website development, and, of course, Public Relations. Our focus is simple: to create lasting Mpressions. We want our work to leave a strong, remarkable effect on people. In short, we Mpress people.

Praise for Mpress

“Amazing Public Relations firm that has mastered the art of PR. When
most talk about it,
this firm is all about it.”

~ Darius McCrary