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Los Angeles public relations and branding for Spectrumlink

Branding and Public Relations | Spectrumlink, Inc.

Our agency was tasked with increasing brand awareness and securing promotion for Spectrumlink’s  sponsorship of a premier Los Angeles entertainment venue for NBA All Star Weekend 2018.

With just 72 hours to prepare, we opted to leverage the company’s existing digital infrastructure through the introduction of engaging, SEO blog content and the implementation of strong social media marketing efforts in order to scale brand awareness as quickly as possible. To complement our ground team, we curated press releases that were disseminated to daily and weekly publications in the greater Los Angeles area.

Mpress public relations for los angeles

Branding and Site Overhaul | I.D.A. Truck

Our mission was to create a dynamic site for a small automotive company that hadn't updated its digital presence since 1999. 

Within just three days, we completely overhauled the old site and introduced our friends to the 21st century. Vibrant colors, bold imagery, and enticing CTA's are commonplace in this company's brand new look. Now they're doing things the L.A. way!


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